Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Los Angeles, busy days continue

I remember visiting this place, Farmers' Market, as a teen, when I went to L.A. to visit my older sister, who had moved there. It's still the same! There were neighborhood people sitting around having coffee and reading their Sunday newspaper. The Bob's Homemade Donuts shop was still there. You can get pretty much everything you need from meat to fancy macaroons. There is one shop that sells just hot sauces and mustards. We did not give in to the tempting apples covered in all sorts of sweetness, but did buy some fresh figs.


MBirch said...

omg i would KILL for a resse's pieces caramel apple!

phonelady said...

thank you for sharing your adventures with us . I love the apples covered in caramel.

Found art blog said...

Macaroons?? Mm - mm - MMM!!