Saturday, October 10, 2009

Los Angeles, a busy day, Part 1

Yesterday morning, we went over to Gelson, a big grocery store not far from the hotel. There was some fancy fruits, like the prickly melon and the already trimmed coconuts, passion fruit and persimmons. I'm posting just a sample of what we saw, (the rest will go to Flickr.) After breakfast at a small gourmet coffee & cheese shop, we got underway for our busy day. First stop was WACKO/The Soap Plant on Hollywood Blvd. It was so fun! They had lots and lots of books, cards, gift items, tchachkies, a gallery, posters, paper stuff. I got some fun stationery and stickers. I was tempted to buy more but am traveling light. C did some promo on the book SKULLS and learned that they did carry it but were sold out. Wow! That's cool. Our next stop was 826LA, The Echo Park Travel Mart. This is one of many places that were started by Dave Eggars with his foundation. They help young people with writing skills. Each place is a different type of shop. You really should check it out. If there's one near you, visit it. We'd done a bit of driving to get to these places but J. had borrowed her mom's GPS, which made things easy. I'm a paper map person, so I had my 1972 Los Angeles map beside me for back up. The first time the GPS spoke, I jumped! But she was pretty good, though I did give her some confusion when I refused to get on a freeway. ha ha ha. My plan this trip is to go surface all the way! Too many cars on those freeways.

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phonelady said...

Well , well seems like we have the same obsession stickers and stationery . I m so bad I would like buy a little piece of this and that . My husband does not dare take me into a store like that . He knows what would happen . Yes be afraid . very afraid . thanks for sharing and posting this .