Sunday, October 18, 2009

This past week.....

This is an image of my little teapot, which has been in use non-stop all week. I've been drinking herbal teas for bronchial health, green tea, white tea, black tea, with honey all week. I'm hoping that this new week will find me cough free. It's been a week of coughing ever since I returned from Los Angeles. The good thing about this is that I decided to stay in, except for an occasional walk around the block with the dog, and one run to the grocery store. Not only has this helped me to heal, but it's allowed me to blog, get my photos on Flickr, and finish some knitting and get the new items on Etsy. So tomorrow, I'll get up early, get to the post office, visit my shut-in friend, buy more groceries, mindful of not doing too much and have a set back. It's a plan.

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Lesa said...

CB and I are getting over colds. His kept him coughing for three weeks. It's only been a couple of weeks for me, but my cough has never been as serious as his. Best of luck in returning to health!

Yes,it is amazing we picked the same background, isn't it? Something about polka dots feels fresh to me.

Thanks so much for your comment on my ironing post. Recently I saw an interesting documentary about ironing, I Always Iron The Collar First, on the documentary channel. If you notice it's on, I think you might enjoy it because, as often happens, a woman's work is much more than it seems.

Take care and love and hugs!