Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Los Angeles, the Wedding

We traveled to Los Angeles to attend the wedding of my niece. It was held at a beautiful old (for L.A.) venue, Cicada.
This is the view of the doors, which we were waiting to open, for the bride and her father to appear for the first time. While we were upstairs having cocktails, the staff transformed the space from ceremony seating to dinner hall. It was a beautiful ceremony and a wonderful party.

I rarely show the personal on this blog, but I had to include a photo of my 95 year old mom at the cocktail hour, wearing the lovely outfit that my sister made for her. She really enjoyed herself. During the dancing, she was tapping her hands to the music, wishing she could get up and join the dancers. I, also, had to include this sweet photo of another niece doing J's polish the night before the wedding.
We had a really good time, having the chance to connect with relatives, be tourists in Los Angeles, and be at the Skulls exhibit opening. Now we're home, recovering!

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phonelady said...

Your mother looks like she was having fun . also the outfit was just beautifull . Your sister must be quite the seamstress. Really thanks for sharing and posting this .