Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Book excitement

Such excitement on Saturday when my order from Amazon.UK arrived, you can't imagine. I had to text message mi hijo and send this photo that I took with my cell phone, and phone my cousin on the west coast to let her know it had arrived. She was waiting for her copy of Book 3, which didn't arrive until today! We are so excited that we don't have to wait until next year when this is published in the U.S. I've been looking at it, but will not open it, we're off to Los Angeles and I want to wait until I return to read this so I can curl into a corner of the sofa and just read and read and read. Oh, no, then it'll be over and no more to come. I'm already planning to reread the series.


phonelady said...

Oh I so know how you feel . I am a voracious reader and I recently joined a paperback swap that is just awesome and out of this world and love the books I am swapping . I know how you feel . let me know how you like the book .

Found art blog said...

Ummm...you're a bit excited then?!