Thursday, October 08, 2009

Hollywood, USA taking a walk!

The street our hotel is on is Franklin and a short walk east brings us to lots of little shops and cafes. I wasn't paying much attention when I guided us into BIRDS for lunch. I just noticed they had nice salads. It's a CHICKEN restaurant.
Only one of the four of us actually eats chickens. Here's his salad with chicken on it. I had a delicious veggie burger on a whole grain bun. It was really good. Notice that they use Fiestaware (or facsimile) as their dishes. I love those.

The fancy building is the Scientology mansion, with a sign by the gate for celebrity entry.

On a corner there is a nice book, magazine and gift shop called "The Daily Planet." It's small but full of neat greeting cards, magazines, foreign language newspapers, gifts, books, very fun. Down the block is the UCB. They have one in New York City, too. Our friend Eliza did her comedy act here not too long ago. As we crossed one of the side streets, we saw the HOLLYWOOD sign. We'll get a better shot of it another time. The crossing guard showed us the spot to stand in to get the best view. Yes!

We are all so tired and jet lagged. Time for a nap!

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phonelady said...

love it most esp love the truck that went by and the back said let us rise . too cute . thanks for sharing and posting this .