Sunday, October 04, 2009

The benefit for the Mermaids of New York

Here are some photos from the benefit for Mermaids of New York, the documentary film by Ilise Carter and Mica Scalin. The MC and the raffle ticket sellers showing one of the prizes, a framed photo of mermaids by Thomas Daniels (photographer extraordinaire!) "The Lady Aye" did some sword swallowing for us, I peeked through my fingers, I have to admit. The mermaid burlesque performances were a treat that my blurry photos only partially capture. The audience cheered! Lavalier, the band that did the film score, played two sets. The music is wondeful and we await their CD. The documentary is being screen, possibly as I sit typing this, at the Coney Island Film Fest.


phonelady said...

thanks for sharing these photos . awesome .

Mica said...

We did indeed show a short film that featured one of our mermaid subjects, Bambi The Mermaid at Coney Island this weekend! Great fun. Thanks again for coming to the benefit show -everyone loved hanging out with you and C!!