Friday, October 09, 2009

Hollywood USA home away from home.

Our hotel decorates with framed photos of Hollywood stars. In the bathroom is a large photo of Marilyn Monroe, seen here reflected in the huge mirror that covers one wall. The bathroom itself, is huge, with a walk in shower and two sinks. The counters are granite stone. Over the two queen sized beds are photos from famous movies, like Casablanca.

Over the big, flatscreen TV is a famous comics photo collection. The two, rocking, easy chairs have three photos of above them and in the kitchen, a photo of "Columbo." The evening view out the window shows the Hollywood Towers building (not a tower, more like a haunted mansion) and here is an evening view of the desk with my computer. This is quite a nice room!

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phonelady said...

It sure looks like a great room and my I would love to stay in a place like that .