Saturday, October 03, 2009

Bridges and more

We attended the benefit and screening of Mermaids of New York in a cool venue, Galapagos Art Space. It's located in Dumbo, the area of Brooklyn that is down under the bridges (Manhattan and Brooklyn.) The area has restaurant, galleries, and more. We walked in the park, the big brick building is American Civil War era. I don't know what the big knobby thing is, some artifact dug up in the area I'm thinking.

The building where we stayed is visible in the photo of the Brooklyn Bridge, as well as the building being constructed that has the interesting wave along the side.

We walked the High Line during the daytime. The plants have grown a lot since we walked it in July.

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phonelady said...

Is this not ironic you and i blogged about the same thing today and that is bridges . I have a post up about the brooklyn bridge today . wow this is totally twilight zone stuff LOL !!!