Thursday, October 01, 2009

More New York City buildings

A new building is going up on 19th St. in Chelsea. The facade is very interesting. All of the windows are at different angles. I spoke with the facade project manager about it. Very intricate project, for sure. We had a view of another building going up near the apartment we stayed in. The exterior shell was, also, very interesting. I'd like to see that when it's finished. I liked seeing the reflection of the buildings in other buildings and the shadows when the sun was out in full. The buildings looked like models.


phonelady said...

nice pics dear thanks for sharing .

Anke Martin said...

Hi Mim, sounds and looks like you have a wonderful time in NY! Wow those new building are sure really interesting looking....probably is even more fascinating if you stand in front of it!
Enjoy the rest of you stay....looking forward to see some more NY Impressions!
Smiles, Anke ;)