Thursday, October 08, 2009

Hollywood, USA

Truth must be told: I did NOT take these photos. We arrived in Los Angeles about 5 p.m. west coast USA time. We got out rental car and drove to Santa Monica to meet our cousins for dinner at an Italian restaurant on Montana St. called Spumoni. The food was terrific but in my excitement of having driven in L.A. and meeting the rels, I took NO food photos. After dinner, I drove to Hollywood to our hotel. It was dark by then so no photos, but tomorrow I'll explore and get some neighborhood photos while waiting for mi hijo and his novia to arrive. The round building is a block or two from the hotel. It's the Capitol Records building. The Hollywood sign is up the hill behind the hotel. Now to get some sleep. It's a 1h25 in the morning east coast time....only 10h25 pm west coast time. Crazy time different. I'm tired but it's still early, no, not. I hope I adjust quickly!! Lots to see and do. I feel like this is a real vacation in L.A. We'll be sight seeing as well as attending wedding related activities and the Skull-a-day exhibit at Chaos gallery. More on this later.

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phonelady said...

I love these photos . they are great and hope you are having a wonderfull time in LA.