Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Los Angeles, busy days continue

We had a very, very busy day on the day that we went to the Museum of Jurassic Technology which is amazingly curious. We were able to have tea and cookies there. After that, we drove down to Venice Beach, which is has a crazy boardwalk full of shops and a skate board park. There are palm trees, and benches, and sand, and the Pacific Ocean. It's all very nice if you don't pay attention to the crowds of tourists and the stalls selling sun glasses and cheap souvenirs.

After Venice Beach, we drove to Marina Del Rey, just 5 minutes away, to attend the pre-wedding party for our niece and new nephew-to-be. It got dark while we were there, the doors were open to the deck, we could step out and see the boats and water. It was a lot of fun.

The drive back to our hotel is a blur...I don't remember doing it. Oh yes, we rented a car, and I ended up doing all the driving, and I managed to avoid the Freeways, which meant that I didn't get caught in any traffic, but then, it also took longer to get anywhere or not depending on, yet again, those traffic jams that Los Angeles is famous for.

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phonelady said...

thank you for sharing all these photos . It looks really beautifull out there .