Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mail art, of course, and more.

 I used the last of my Louise Nevelson post cards, to alter and send off as Mail Art. This one has a stamp that shows Geo. Washington on a hill over looking rural Brooklyn, NY. It says "Washington saves his army at Brooklyn."
 I was pleased to find two items that matched this golden sculpture by Louise. This is #992, oh my, so close to 1000.
 I'm the August Mentor for IUOMA and I decided to create a Welcome image. I used one of my old altered cards and added the type. I'm really excited that I know how to add type. As mentor,  I say hello and welcome to new comers to the Mail Art union, and offer them any assistance. Today, I welcomed someone in Brazil, and 2 people in the U.S. of A.
 Yesterday, I did more baking, because the Amazing Award winning brownies had been devoured. I had 3 very ripe bananas in the freezer. I defrosted them and made a banana chocolate chip cake using the recipe from my
1965 cookbook. It was super good and we think it's because frozen bananas when defrosted have more liquid to them. You can find the recipe here.
It was sunny this morning and the pool water was a refreshing temperature. Ducky was back in the shady corner, getting some respite from the glare. This is the 2nd day that we've found him there. Hmmm.

We were fortunate to have the rain hold off until afternoon, so we could swim. And we're fortunate to have rain.

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Andy Hoang said...

Hurray! Tiny Town is back!