Tuesday, July 03, 2012

a postscript to my birthday

 I forgot to post this in my birthday Day post - here's what I'm getting for my birthday from N. and J. We saw the movie Brave together the other night and I said, "oh, I'd love to have the doll of that brave girl" or something to that effect. "I want" was the operative phrase. And I'm getting it! So cute!
Happy 3rd day of July. It's hot, so what else is new? How's the weather where you are? Is it chilly anywhere? At least looking at the water make me feel cooler.

No complaints here, we have power. Some of our friends are still without it. We've offered shelter, and a/c, and water. Y'all come on over!

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Found art blog said...

Happy Birthday tooooo yoooouuu!!!

And it's wet and chilly over here in England!