Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The usual, Mail Art, Pool, all good!

 I'm sending this to Monkey. I altered one of Monkey's Postcards to give the kids in my workshop an example of altering, before I handed out Monkey cards to them. They did an amazing job of altering. You can see examples here.  There's an interview with moi and Monkey, which includes the kids Mail Art.
 I had some scraps of matt board so made these two dotty cards. The dark board worked out well and now I'll peruse my stock to find other dark boards.
 Again, I like the ambiguity of the dots, on top or a punched hole?
 Here I am with this morning's Mail Art. I switched back to altering an existing postcard, having re-discovered my collection of Canadian landscapes that my friend Alexis sent me last year. This makes me laugh, seeing that guy peeking over the landscape, maybe he sent the stamps down the stream. Isn't the scale changed by these bits?
 This morning, the pool water was refreshing, the sky clear, the sun bright, and NO humidity. Oh my. A day's reprieve.
I snapped this with my phone last night after the rain storm. More rain came on a bit later, too. We are a very lucky part of the country right now. Drought going on elsewhere.

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