Friday, July 20, 2012

Mail Art & water

 I created this as an example for the children in my workshop last Tuesday. I wanted them to choose a person or animal, some texture, a word and something they could repeat several times. They did a great job! I'll eventually post some of their work.


 Here's another of the Louise Nevelson postcards that I've altered. I was right in thinking that it'd be fun to play around with them.

  Here's a boring postcard that I altered. I gave some boring postcards to the children in the workshop with the instruction to make them less boring. They really enjoyed that one.


 Here are some water photos taken at the pool yesterday morning. It was sooo sunny, and we love the way the light plays on the moving water.
Someone remarked that these could also be sky. I think the one above is especially ambigous. Like a science-fiction sky! Right? Some other planet.

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Found art blog said...

Brilliant reflection pics!! Looks like a Star Trek backdrop!!