Thursday, July 26, 2012

SO sunny!

 I arrived at the pool a bit earlier than usual this morning, and it was already sunny and hot. Ducky was taking shelter in a corner!
 The water was cool and still. Just looking at this image makes me feel cooler and serene. I hope it does that for you, too.
 Lucky me, I was able to "grab" these off of Missive Maven's Etsy shop. Letter writing related postage stamps are so perfect for Mail Art and letters.
 Yesterday, I met up with my amiga, Ann, to practice our español. We sat on the cafe deck and it was so lovely. Low humidity, a light breeze, and a view of Jun Kaneko's sculpture and my favorite tree grouping.
I spotted this as I walked into the supermarket. I'd never seen this brand of beer before.  What do you think? Should I try it? Or just buy it for the graphics!

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The Missive Maven said...

Thanks for the link to my shop - so glad you're enjoying the stamps! :-)