Monday, July 16, 2012

Another week begins, I return to Tiny Town

 I couldn't stay away forever. I'm going to be visiting Tiny Town again, as I find good images to add to it. This one is entitled - "When the BIG tourist season started up again, Tiny Town residents were startled by Eugenia's pale countenance."

Ana in Paris sent me a wonderful piece of Mail Art and in the envelope she included a postcard of one of her art pieces that consisted of circles (or plates?) I couldn't resist, I placed my own circles on top of some of hers. I'm sending this altered piece back to her.
 Saturday, we went to Antique Village on Route 301, in quest of some magazines from 1962. While there, I came on this Fiestaware set. Lovely color. 
 This curious plaster statue attracted me. It's entitled "The Doctor!" Oh I should have gotten it. It could be him in another guise, right? Note the skull at the bottom.  We found magazines for our gift to friends having their 50th wedding anniversary, and I got materials to cut up for collages. We stayed at the place longer than planned as a HUGE rain storm hit the area. It sounded amazing on the metal roof of the building.
This morning, we went to the pool and it was an excellent idea to do that. The water was a perfectly nice temperature. As we were preparing to leave, C spotted something swimming back and forth by the steps on the opposite side. What the heck!! B grabbed a net, ran over there, and rescued a chipmunk. What a surprise for us, and for it!

Now to get back to preparing for a workshop. I'm going to be doing my first ever Mail Art workshop for children at BBGB, our Children's book store. What fun for me!

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