Friday, July 27, 2012

Brownies and Mail Art

 I made these brownies tonight to eat while we watched the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. The were called Award Winning Brownies so I thought they'd be perfect for the occasion. You can find the recipe HERE.
They turned out deliciously.
 I'm 10 pieces of Mail Art away from my 1000th since I started counting on 1 Dec. 2010.

This is a series of 3 altered Louise Nevelson postcards that I did this afternoon.  I added the keyboard and 2 postage stamps to a white sculpture. The bottom stamp is a commemorative of the 2004 Olympics in Greece.
 Altering really does make me happy. I really do amuse myself. I added the man's head on top of Louise's, a stamp under one hand and a fish, cut from a South African stamp, to the other hand.
Here's Louise, herself, contemplating the large bust that I put into her room. The stamp behind her head really makes her stand out more.

Which of these 3 do you like the best?


Found art blog said...

OH!!! We stayed up late to watch the Olympics ceremony too!! It was way fun!

Anonymous said...

Maybe I should make the BROWNIES for your Chicago visit! ha ha ha. They do look delicious!
xo, bb