Monday, July 09, 2012

Starting a new week.

 What a weekend, with unbelievably hot weather. What to do? Make some mail art, that's what.
Here's another altered CD going out into the world. I hope it makes it. I'm sending it to someone on the opposite coast. The last piece I sent her, never arrived. Dang!
This one is called " her smile seemed to see everything. Piano attempted not to stare. For Sure!"
 This is soothing, so cool, so perfect for a hot day. It's going off to someone as a birthday card. Some of the circles are punched holes, some are dots on top of the paper. Fooled you!
 I like these chairs outside of a little restaurant nearby. It was too hot to sit outside of course, but, aren't they inviting anyway?
 Since I was staying indoors to avoid the heat, I thought I'd clean my refrigerator. Also, there was an odd smell in it. It was very satisfying to take everything out & discard odd things. I emptied an old bottle of Liquid Smoke and this is what the bottle looked like emptied. An interesting design left on the inside, residue of smoke? I never found out what smelled, except maybe the blue cheese? I used vodka and water to clean the 'fridge.' It worked great. Have you tried that?
This morning, the temperature was pleasant, the humidity low, and there was a warm breeze. I sat out on the lounge chair with my morning coffee. Here's my view of the bench corner. It's very gray and rain appears to be on it's way.

Since it was cooler, I actually went out in my car (which doesn't have air conditioning) to the post office this afternoon. I mailed this little book, 3.5" x 7", to a Book Art exhibit that will be in Moscow in November. The book is an altered catalog, with 30 pages. I started it in 2008, while in Paris - left it sitting around my studio all this time - worked on it more this past week, and voila Mail Art Booklet completed. I scanned all of the pages in case this doesn't make it to it's destination. Oh I hope it does.

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chris said...

Isn't it a shame that we have to chain up our outdoor chairs!