Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Birthday day, mail art & sky

 My birthdays are always nice. I have no expectations and I'm never disappointed. Oh, that's not true, once I went to lunch with a bunch of people on that day and it was a big noisy bunch and it wasn't about me! ha ha ha After that, I decided that on my day, I'd do whatever I wanted even if it was nothing but it'd be about ME! ha ha ha
I made a couple of pieces of Mail Art. This rather fussy one for Dean, with a moveable part, which I hope makes it through the mail.
 Using some more of the sunflower scraps, this makes me think of how hot it is here.
 Here's a not very good photo of my birthday cake. It was a Key Lime cake. It was delicious! We shared this one piece 'cause we were so full of delicious Indian food at Lehja.  The food really is very good.
 When we left the restaurant and looked up, the sky was like a Maxfield Parrish painting. We were entranced by it.
 My birthday sky, just for me, we all decided. Oh yes, for one evening, the sky, just for me.
N. decided to chase down the sunset. He drove to an area that was slightly higher (we are a fairly flat area) and got this view. Doesn't it look like a big squiggle?  Of course, my camera couldn't possibly capture the real thing.

How was the sky in your area last night?

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