Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mid-week update

 This guy is Mail Art #970. Oh my, only 30 away from 1000! I decided to alter a postcard today, instead of being dotty. The text makes a random poem that turns out not to be so random. The postcard is from the hotel we stayed at in New Orleans, Jan. of 2011. Place d'Armes.
 This dotty card was made yesterday. I like the way only the recipient will know if the dots are punch outs or dots on top. It's one of my minimals. I have to be minimal in some part of my life, since my studio is maximal!!
 Ducky looks like he's alone in the ocean, doesn't he? The water was only 85F this morning and the sky overcast. This photo was taken on a sunny day, as today's photos were sort of blah.
I've posted a few more items in/on my FritziMim Etsy shop. A couple more of the small purses made from vintage tea towels. While I think they are adorable, as well as immensely useful, they aren't generating much interest. What do you think - should I tag them as Tea Bags? Would that get some interest? Or what? Any ideas? I'm going to do a blog post about tea, soon, so maybe that'll get some attention. I have lots of vintage linen tea towels that my honey got for me but don't want to make bags if there's no interest. You know what I mean? Any thoughts welcome.


Found art blog said...

Hmmm.... well, advertise them as "Tea Bags" in the Item header line and see what happens. The description paragraph will explain the title. Otherwise, hold off using the other vintage towels until interest perks up a bit.... is my cents' worth!!

mim said...

Thanks, Found. I'll try that and good advice on holding off. Your "cents" make sense.