Sunday, July 22, 2012

Mail Art & a 4 o'clock

 This altered CD is being sent to a young person who attended my Mail Art workshop for kids at BBGB. He sent me some Mail Art almost immediately. I think this turned out really nicely. I like the illusion of depth and how the colors worked together to make this sort of a seamless illustration. It's no photo shop, but rather mu usual cut and past. The poem is from random bits of text. If I were the "hang on to all of my pieces" type of artist, I'd hang on to this one for sure. I really like it.  I hope the recipient will like this, oh, I first hope that it makes it through the mail. It's going "naked", not in an envelope.
It's been chilly here, yes, chilly, and gray and drizzly, so no pool for the past couple days. Here's photo of some flowers on my 4 o'clock bushes. This one is giving out two toned blossoms. Pretty cool. I have only 1 yellow bush, which is dismaying as I haven't seen any in the neighborhood to glean seeds from. I like the yellow flowers a lot. I hope my bush produces lots of seeds so I can assume I'll have more bushes in the future in that color. Any ideas about growing 4 o'clocks?

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