Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mail Art and water on a hot day.

 I purchased some Louise Nevelson postcards on sale, thinking they'd be fun to alter. This is my first alteration and I really like the way it turned out. I hope Louise would have liked it. We actually met her years ago when she came to give a talk to students at Pratt Institute, in Brooklyn NY,  where my husband was a grad student. I attended because I could, and she was so stunning. She had on thick false eyelashes, white lace stockings, and a turban. Wow! I was in awe.
 I received a "blank" TV from Adamandia, in Chicago, with instructions to fill the screen and send it back to her. What fun! There I am on TV! A collaborative piece of Mail Art. 
Today is the day that I do the Mail Art workshop for children at BBGB. This is so exciting!
The pool was great this morning. The water was a perfect temperature. My swimming is improving, which was my goal for this summer, among other things.
Hopefully, it won't storm tomorrow and we can get to the pool again.

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