Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Getting ready

 I'm back to my Tiny Town shenanigans. I found this wonderful sad dog in a 1962 magazine. He's perfect! Here's my story on the reverse: "Tiny Town residents liked dogs with sad eyes; however, training them to move about carefully was difficult." Notice how the little person is looking up at the dog (whom I named √Čtienne) whose paw is soooo close to her.
 We preparing for a short trip and I've cleaned out my travel kit, added new bits, dots, glue, and card blanks, but NO scissors as I'm doing all carry-on luggage. I'll be looking for scissors on the other end or just tearing paper. I'm prepared for several days.
The air was cool, the pool water warm, and the sky a bit overcast, and exercising was quite nice.

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