Monday, August 20, 2012

Mail Art & some more

 I awoke and went back to sleep early in the morning, the other day. I envisioned this card as I was drifting off to sleep again. I don't know why it did, as I don't remember having Mail Art images pop up like that before.
So here it is. A head on the lower left of the rectangle.
By the way, these cards are all standard postcard size - 4" x 6" (10cm x 15cm)

Using a larger head for this second one changes the relationship in space. The paper behind the heads had a nice corrugated texture. Does this make the cards "haptic?"

Here's a variation of the head in the corner theme. The random letters make this "asemic."
I never had run across either "asemic" or "haptic" until I became part of IUOMA. I love learning new things!
  The shelf had reappeared on the light pole on the corner. It was a very substantial structure - like an open-faced birdhouse. It was quite nice. Since we don't have a dog, I don't walk around the neighborhood much and I forgot to take a nice photo of the shelf to report on it, and then one day last week, it appeared by our front door with a note from a neighbor. It said that she's found the shelf knocked down & the contents strewn in the street. She knew I'd be able to return it to the maker. And I did.

I went by the pole and was able to take this photo with my phone. I think the finder of the destroyed shelf put the note up, and passers-by made the comments. I'll go by it again today and see what else has happened. I'll keep you updated on developments.

Here's an image of my table when I got back from Chicago. Lower left, cards I'd made while away. Upper left, the pale green handled scissors I'd bought at Walgreen's in Chicago, which did NOT get confiscated by security at the airport! Also, a lovely little mail box stamp dispenser from my dear friends T & B in Chicago. Upper right, some of the postcards about water that I'll be altering, and lower right, some CDs (sent to me by B) which will be collaged and sent out.

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Found art blog said...

I'm so happy that the elf shelf is trying to come back!!! Even though there's some arse that's trying to disrupt. Please write a message from Beanie in England that I love the Elf Shelf!!