Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The usual, Mail Art +

 As you can see, lower left is still in my mind, and using fewer elements, 3 in this example. I love the minimal-ness. How little can I use and yet make a composition that is satisfying to me?

I had this man for awhile. He's someone famous but I can't remember who he is. The paper in the background is from 1906, a receipt from a French company.  The paper is surprisingly not so fragile as one might expect. This guy needed to be lower right, I wanted him looking off the page. Only 2 elements in this composition, very minimal.

Here's more of that old receipt. The woman was cut from an image attached to an promo for the State Library of Virginia. Find your ancestors! Not mine, unfortunately. As you know, I can't find out much, not even my maternal grandparents' name they used when they arrived at Ellis Island. 

Mom & family

Here's a photo I took of a large, framed, photo of Mom and her family. I posted it awhile back, probably, but I'm thinking of mom a lot right now. She's 98, and not doing well mentally. In this photo she is to the right of her mother. They, my grandparents,  arrived in the U.S. maybe 1911, through Ellis Island, from Kovno Goberna (that's what grandma said.) She told me that the closest city was Riga. It was all part of Russia back then. I know little about their lives, as they would not share much information about their past in the "old country."   Once my grandmother saw me wearing clogs and told me she wore them in the "o.c." and that she worked the bellows for her father, who was a blacksmith. I'm free to make up any details that I like about their lives. Do you know our ancestry? Or are you free to make up stuff, like I am?


chris said...

We've had fun researching husband's family - he knew little - now he's thrilled - we have beenable to go back to 1600's (nothing substantiated) but we are happy thinking they are part of the family! You might be related to Latvian (Riga is Latvia or is it Lithuania???)royalty. I think at the very least you must be descended from royalty somewhere!!!!

mim said...

Thanks for the comment, Chris. Yes, Riga is Latvia, but Kovno is Lithuania. On the 1920 Chicago, Illinois Census report my grandfather is listed as born in Ukraine & my grandmother as Lithuania. On the 1930 census, it notes they were both born in Russia. I find it so interesting. Who knows, maybe I'll spend some time on this, but I do know for sure that we are descended from peasants. ha ha ha