Friday, August 03, 2012

And so I get to 1000! YAY!

 Somehow, in my excitement of uploading the final few, I got them out of order. Here they are. The last of this series.

I used cardboard cut from cracker boxes. I like the color that they give for the substrate.

I'm not happy with some of my gluing on these. The paper is silk screened color and very sensitive to anything on it. The adhesive moved around a bit when I burnished the pieces down. Oh well.
This is the front & reverse of card #1000. I'm sending it to Andy, who started the whole thing back in 2010. He was like: let's start a 365 project with Mail Art. Want to join me? And I did. Thanks, Andy, it's been a fun time. The 365 project was fun and got me started numbering, and then I couldn't stop when I was finished.
 You can see what I accomplished during my 365 project here.  And you can see what I've done since that project ended a year later here.


Mary Has Sound said...

Congratulations!!!!!! That's so exciting!

chris said...

You are a legend amongst us all - so looking forward to seeing more of your art.

Found art blog said...

Well done!

Sheila Singhal said...

Sooo exciting!! Well done! I can't even imagine making 1000 of anything!