Thursday, August 02, 2012

Mail Art & a Mail Art prize!

 This is the ending series of my 365 and beyond. After this series, when I reach 1000, I've decided, with a bit of "pressure" from friends, to start 365.2 so over again, I'll be starting a new 365. I'll make daily mail art and start numbering from #1 again. Exciting!
 I decided with this one, #995 to added random text, creating some odd poetry, with random imagery. Somehow, it actually works okay.
 This is #996. In reality, the colors are very gaudy and jarring. I didn't like the orange and greeny color so I added the red-violet dot. It toned down a bit.
These last cards, 995 - 1000, will be sent to the people that I sent the very first cards to when I started my 365 project.
This was my big surprise this morning. My honey came up to my studio and said "you have a gift waiting for you on the kitchen table." "Really" I said. He said that he didn't put it there and was very puzzled by who did. Who came into our house, didn't say hello, crept out again, and when I opened the card, I was really surprised. This is from our dear friends, BeeBee & T. who live in Chicago. How did they get it to me? It was on the table, on top of papers that said "one thousand" over and over, with a beautiful card, created by BeeBee. I love Hydrangeas! This one is especially spectacular with BIG petals on the individual flowers in the big bloom. The mystery was solved, N stealthily delivered it. He kept the secret. The plant was delivered to him with the card & inserts, and happily arrived as I was in the midst of completing the last of my 1000 pieces of Mail Art since I started to count on 1 Dec. 2010.

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