Saturday, August 18, 2012

Mail Art & a Little Free Library

 My scanner is not showing colors well. The substrate for this is a nice recycled cardboard tan, not as yellow as in this image. Not that it makes much difference, since you won't see the original. I sent that off across the  ocean.  Paper collage & a Turkish stamp!
 I received Poulty Press. I don't know why, but I do. This hen and the compassionate mother statue are from the cover of the latest issue. The Chinese text is from a newspaper. As I mentioned in a Facebook post, I doubt that i has anything to do with compassion or chickens. I just like the way it looked.

Here's another example of my color experiments. The colors are not what they are in the actual piece. How odd.
 The substrates are the same in this one and the one above. You can't tell that in these scans but no matter. I just love punching holes in colored paper. You know that by now, right?
 A few days ago, my honey was driving to the high way, through the Museum District and saw something interesting. He drove round the block so I could see what he spotted.
 A Little Free Library!! I'd heard about these but never thought there was one near me. It's on a quiet street so I don't image it gets much business. I've put the street sign here so that, if you are in Richmond, VA, you can check it out for yourself.
Look at the books in the library.
I have several hard back books that I was going to release through BookCrossing but now I'll bring them to the Little Library.  As you might remember, the paper back books get sent off to the troops. (Booksforsoldiers)

There are so many nice surprises in this world.


Found art blog said...

I'd be tempted to leave some bookcrossing books there anyway...! they're all free....! (does it accept found art though?!!)

mim said...

Oh, duh, of course - I can put BookCrossing registered books in there. Thanks Found Art for making me a bit less dull brained!

Found art blog said...

That's OK!!! Sometimes the obvious can be TOO obvious!!!