Friday, August 17, 2012

Mail Art and some blue-ness

 This card has one of my favorite paintings on it. It's in VMFA & was painted in the 1800s. The peanuts look so real! The bird was done by an illustrator, not me.
 My honey gave me a box of 50 postcards having to do with water. I altered this one with the sinking postage stamp and some pots of hydrangeas. Fun!
 This is the reverse & shows the repro of an old French postcard. It's larger than standard and was on a brochure for kids at MoMA in New York. I picked up a couple of these brochures, knowing they'd be great for Mail Art.
 Here's the front of the card, altered with a strip of striped Washi tape, a guy with a camera, and a thin line of map. The circles were already there.
 Some blue sky and interesting clouds; of course, all clouds are interesting! Right?
Some blue water from the pool this morning. I was shooting down on the top of the pool with my little flip cell phone, while standing in the water.  I like the ambiguity, sky, water, sky, water???

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