Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mail Art 365.2 - I begin again

This is the 6th day card, when we got home and I used paper I picked up in Chicago. I liked that it was translucent and the text was fun for a piece of Mail Art.

Here's a very busy composition. The substrate is a piece of cardboard I'd cut from a something while I was in L.A. in April. I liked the crudeness of the shape, which I'd cut using a child's scissors.

In the background of this card is a piece from a painting that I'd torn from an Amtrak magazine, I think. I found it tucked in the travel kit. Since Chicago is the home to the largest collection of impressionist paintings, I thought this would be a good image to use.

I made the 5th card on our last day in Illinois. It was a successful trip, though by the end of the day, or rather night, since we arrived home in Richmond at 11h30 p.m., we were quite exhausted. 

This card was a second one that I made on day 6. This is an altered art show card. The substrate is from a card that I picked up in Paris last winter.

I can see that, as per the first go around, I won't just be making one a day. I have way to many people that I want to send mail to these days.

It feels good to get up and just get to play in my studio again.

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