Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tour Eiffel at night

The Eiffel Tower is my favorite sight in Paris. I just love it, as do lots and lots of other people, you should see the crowds at all times. Last night, we went to take pictures of it. We stayed until 10 p.m. to see it sparkle with strobe lights. I was happy to get these nice photos even though I didn't have a tripod. We took the metro and got off at Trocadero so I was able to get the long shot with the beacon. We walked towards the Champs de Mars and caught the sparkling tower, as we walked (a bit of a trek) to take the metro back from the Bir Hakeim stop. We rode above ground for awhile and were able to glimpse the tower between the buildings. So awesome. Always so awesome.

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Ghostprint Gallery said...

Des beaux photos! I've never seen it lit up so gorgeously. g.