Wednesday, March 11, 2009

This afternoon, after having lunch in the Jewish section, we bought some pastries, one a pain au chocolat (a croissant type dough with a tablet of dark chocolate inside.) We also bought two hamountashn (French spelling) which are special pastries for the Jewish holiday of Purim. We did a taste test. The one on the right is poppy seed from Kocarz bakery and deli. The one on the left is prune from Sasha Finkelstein bakery and deli. They are three doors away from each other. the Kocarz one won big time. It had a very tasty dough, mildly lemony with a nice texture, not too dry. The fillings were different so we couldn't comment on that part. There are a couple more bakeries we could sample from and might just do that. We'll let you know the results of the next taste test. Bon appetit'

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