Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Last Friday, we went by train (TGV to Lyon, connection to a TER) to Grenoble with a friend to stay at his place for the weekend. The train from Lyon to Grenoble was a slower train with some stops and it looked like those trains in old movies, with compartments. The landscape looked similar to areas in Virginia USA but the farms didn't, nor did the mountains when we came closer to Grenoble. I wasn't able to get any good photos of them, sadly, but they were high, with sheer cliffs, and some had snow on the tops. Our friend lives in the center of the city by the covered market (Les Halles) with a view of the morning street market. The city is located on the Isere river and, if one goes to the old fortress on the hill, one can see Mount Blanc (on a clear day.) It was nice to see a new place in France.


Phyllis said...

Wish I could be there. You can see a little bit of the mountain.
I'm going to get fat just looking at all those wonderful pix of food.
Sculptures are fascinating and the brocante and marche are enticing. It's easy to want to collect some of those very interesting objects.

Andrea said...

Ah. Mont Blanc of the French Alps!! I visited Val d'Isere many years ago..... a village called Tignes which is about half way up one of them mountains you saw!! It's where the UK skiing yobs go in winter. Good fondue though!!