Saturday, March 28, 2009

Jeudi (Thursday) afternoon

Yesterday in the afternoon, we set off in search of an exhibition space that a friend had told us about. The route took us through les Halles where we saw a nice rock garden with lots of spring flowers and a good view of St. Eustache in the background. There is also a formal garden below level of the walkway, which was a nice surprise. We hadn't seen these gardens before. We watch a cat, who seemed very wary. We rarely see cats out on their own in Paris, so I had to take it's picture. We watched some crows who were figuring out how to get at some foot at the bottom of a waste bag. They really worked at it, taking turns making the hole bigger until they could pull out bits of whatever it was they wanted to eat. Meanwhile, there were signs posted about NOT feeding the birds as it's bad for their health, environment, etc. I guess the crows were ignoring the signs. On the way back, we crossed through the Passage Vero-Deodat. These are always a nice short cut through long blocks of buildings.

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