Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Birds needing identity

We've been watching these birds right outside of our window for a couple of days. I've been "stalking" them our cameras and have taken lots of photos. I think these three might help with identifying them. They are bigger than a Rock Dove (aka Pigeon) but may be a variety. The beak is a yellowy-orange. The breast is a pinky gray and the head a greenish-gray. It has a white collar that doesn't meet in front or back. There is a white strip and a black on the wings. The end of the tail is squared off and black. Any idea? Would love to know. They are so neat to watch. Right now, a pair of them are puffed up, and asleep next to each other on a very thin branch right in front of the window. THANKS! The commenter was right on! This is a common Wood Pigeon, columba palumbus, which is found in these places. Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, Siberia, Middle East, Afghanistan, Turkey, north-west Africa, Pakistan, India, China, Nepal! No wonder I didn't recognize it since we don't have them in the United States.

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Johanna said...

They sure look the Wood Pigeon to me :)