Thursday, March 19, 2009

Old courtyard

The Cite des Arts has a side entrance from rue Geofroy Asnier. I like that entrance and use it whenever it’s convenient rather than walking around to the rue de l’Hotel de Ville entrance. It reminds me that we are in a very old neighborhood. You enter though a large, heavy door in an even larger door. To the left is a little courtyard and straight ahead you go through a passage to an open area, which then connects to the parking space behind the main building of the Cite (where our studio is located.) There is a water spigot that was use by everyone in the little courtyard as their only water supply, at one time. Because the wall needs to be worked on to stabilize it, there is this temporary structure to shore it up. This little balcony is intriguing. I’d like to go up to where it is but have no idea how one gets to it. Many people living at the Cite don’t know the code to this entry. For some reason it seems to pass from one resident to the other rather than from the reception to the new residents as they arrive.


MBirch said...

that is really cool. i love old buildings

Found art blog said...

Oh how fab!! Paris is bustin' full of interesting little crannies, isn't it?!