Thursday, March 19, 2009

Diner Italien

This evening, we went by Metro to the 17th arrondisement to meet Sandy (the friend who lives in Grenoble) where he's been staying while in Paris. We went to a lovely little Italian restaurant called Fuxia L'Epicerie on Place du Docteur Felix Lobligeois. The food was SO good. I recommend this place if you ever get to Paris. Really worth the trip to Metro stop Rome. We shared a big salad to start and then I had a vegetable lasagna. The sauce was soooo yummy. Sandy brought this little wire suit jacket which he'd purchased at a broquante. I had to take a photo of it, of course. Tomorrow morning, we leave by train for Grenoble, with Sandy. We'll be there for the weekend. It's in the French Alps in view of Mont Blanc. When we return, I'll be posting but for now, just think about yummy food!

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Found art blog said...

Metro stop Rome?? That's near where I stay when I visit Paris!! Rue des Batignolles, further up towards Clichy!!