Saturday, March 07, 2009

Nous sommes revenue (we've returned)

We are back in the studio at the Cite des Arts in Paris, and surprise, surprise, we are in the same studio, which we didn't expect, but are loving. The view from the window looking down at the "bunny" shows the work going on to widen the sidewalk (losing one lane for traffic towards the center.) It was very sunny when we arrived, though chilly. The sun setting behind Notre Dame was beautiful to see.

We arrived early in the morning, Paris time, settled in, then fell asleep for two hours, because it was still wee hours of the morning for us (to state the obvious.) Later we set up my work table and I started to re-work the first little collage book that I'd done back in November 2008. I'm going to send it to a Mail Art/Poetry exhibit in Venezuela. (any of you poets or visual artists out there might consider entering.)

Last night, we had dinner at a little cafe we like, called Cafe du Marche, which is not far from the Muji marais stores. The food is good and not expensive. We toasted our good fortune, being so grateful to have the chance to work here again. Chuck's photo exhibit opens the 18th so I'll be posting photos of that for you to see in a couple weeks. Go here to see some of Chuck's photos.


Found art blog said...

You're back in PARIS????!! Now, how fab is THAT?!

Ghostprint Gallery said...

bonjour mim et charles ,

how beautiful notre dame looks and
you know how envious i am !

je vous embrasse tres fort,