Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Snowy days

I am always attracted by paintings of snow scenes, especially urban ones by the Impressionist painters. I think they remind me of growing up in Chicago, where the snow was abundant when I was growing up there. Well, I had my childhood memories come to life. These are scenes from my walk with Smitty yesterday. The alley behind our house, a street, our neighbors flag, another neighbors porch, and our dog straining to get home. I couldn't take any more photos as my camera froze and I was ready to get home too. I must add that Smitty is so low to the ground that he was hoping through the snow to keep from having to be immersed in it too long. He couldn't wait to get into the house. You should have heard him "huffing." And here, too, is my reflection, me, all bundled up with leg warmers and a hat with ear flaps.


Anke said...

Oh this is a lot of snow! Hope spring will come soon as well to you. We are suppose to get some colder weather again tomorrow and over the weekend....not looking forward the spring temperatures and the sun doesn't want me to face snow again, but everything is possible! So I send you some warm sunshine!!!!!
Smiles, Anke ;)

Ghostprint Gallery said...

that was last weekend
and today it's 75 !

Mica said...

jealous of the pristine white snow. it doesnt stay white here long enough !! Smitty looks so cute in his jacket!