Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Mid-week Mail Art and more, much more.

365.2 #360

365.3 #210
 Monday morning, back to lovely flowing fabric shapes. I hope I can find lots more like this. I really like the way they work out.

Added random stick on letters for more rhythm.
365.3 #211

365.2 #362

Okay, images loaded out of order, oh well. Here's a three piece collage. The colors on the 3 pieces work so well together that they blend and it's all one piece, right? I like it!

I got some scraps from a correspondent (C.Z.Lovecraft) so I used them to make today's cards. The legs were from one image and the circles from a sticky sheet of images that I didn't want to use so I punched holes in it.
365.3 #212

These legs are so active in the positions in which I placed them. In the original image, they were static.

The "shelf" is back in a new incarnation. This is a shadow-box-cubby-house-amazing-shelf! I know who made it, shhh, it's a secret, and it's so delightfully full.

 Here's a close-up of one area. Today, I added a few tiny stickers, and I noticed the "rewind" stone, which was one that I'd placed ages and ages ago on the original shelf.
 Here's a fuller view of the "box" that I got this morning. There are lots of pencils sticking out today. The label says - add to the log but there's no log. So I wrote on the old postcard that someone had place in a slot.

 When I stopped this morning to add the stickers, a man saw me and came across street. He asked if I knew more about this - so I told him the story. He and his children have been adding to the various "shelves" and taking from them, too. He was moving and was thinking he'd post a shelf in his new neighborhood. I hope he does. And sends me images, too.

 This is the notice that I taped under the "shelf." I'd seen one on Facebook the other day and liked the idea. I wish that I'd scanned it before I posted it so I could see which strips had been taken. It's nice to see that people are taking what they need.
 Here's our Zinn. We got to see her at lunch yesterday and she was sooo engaging. Cutie face, could be a doll, right?

365.2 #361
And here's Bizoo, who'd put himself to sleep in his kitchen sling bed, for a late morning nap.  Oh to be able to relax so easily. Oh, yes, that's what's called "cat naps."

Here's the out of order one that is the other Mail Art from yesterday. Again, this is three scraps of paper. I like the way the depth is working, very spatial.

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