Friday, July 05, 2013

I have sooo much to catch up on! Here goes!

365.2 #329

365.2 #330

365.2 #331
 We went off to New York City for a short trip to see museums and an off-Broadway play.

I continued to make my daily Mail Art.
On the train each way, in the hotel, wherever necessary to accomplish my goal.

I took with me in my traveling kit circles and some black paper, some Washi tape, and then used found images or paper to create the images.

I'd already stamped the reverse with my rubber stamp to keep track of the card number and the date on which I made it.
365.3 #179

365.3 # 180

365.3 #181

Oh, yes, I also brought with a sheet of stick on letters. These were Spanish ones so there were accented letters, too.

Oh, I just remember, I brought a few used postage stamps, too.  And made use of a Metro ticket.
 When we returned it was time to celebrate my birthday. I had a miniature banner which I liked and my honey hung up in the kitchen for me. Yes, Congratulations on achieving another year of life!
This is a bit of the birthday cake that my DIL ordered. It was a typical birthday cake which I really wanted, yellow inside, sweet frosting on the outside - It said Happy Mim Day! Isn't that so perfect?

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PamelaArtsinSF said...

Happy belated Birthday, Mim! And I love the postcard with the piece of the Metro card and the tape. Enjoy your weekend and celebrate....