Tuesday, July 16, 2013

More Mail Art catching up

365.2 #345

365.3 #195

365.2 #346

365.3 #196
 These two fabric pieces are from Sunday.  I added random text to them. Why, I don't know but thought they added something that was necessary.
65.2 #347

Stripes and dots, and random words, some of my favorite things.

I found the striped paper in a magazine that had lots of carpeting. I like that it's made up of strips and I wish I had the patience to make collages like that, but I don't.

These are 2 variations on stripes and circles and letter forms. I like how colorful these are though I'm not a person who does much in my life this colorfully.

Today, we had to get up early and do errands before it got too hot. I decided to do some quick Mail Art pieces before we left the house. Washi tape and circles are my default, as you know.

365.3 #197
These are HOT feeling to me, like the temperature today.

Here's baby Zinn. I got this on my phone this morning. When the morning photos arrive, I just get so, oh what's the term, warm and fuzzy? This is our SON'S baby!! She is so cute, and surprise, we went out for coffee before running the errands, and there was our DIL and Zinn meeting a friend at the same cafe. Yay, we got to see Zinn in person and kiss her head and hold her.

Here's Bizoo in one of his favorite spots. The chair in my temp studio. Passed out!

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Margie said...

I love these Mim! And so glad you actually got to hold Zinn.