Sunday, July 21, 2013

Baby Z, Mail Art and more about my new vehicle.

 This is Baby Z. Oh My, she holds her head up. Her Mum makes funny noises and she laughs out loud for real. Her Da sent this photo this morning.
365.2 #352

365..3 #202

Today's Mail Art is about my new Vehicle. I'm making them to send to the guys at the dealership to thank them for making the process easy for me.

They'll be surprised, for sure. Check out the numbers. I'm almost done with 365.2! I've said it before and I'll say it again, ALMOST finished with year 2 of daily Mail Art. Can't wait!

Here are two of the people who made me feel good about buying a car from Richmond Ford. 

Can my grin be any bigger?

Here's what I saw at the pool the other morning. These two noodles sharing a chaise, chillin' out beside the pool full of hot water ( 92F/31C .)

Stay cool best way you can, my friends in hot climes. And hydrate!

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Rachel Carter said...

baby!!!! so cute.

:D :D :D