Monday, July 22, 2013

Mail Art, Mustaches, and more

365.2 #353

365.3 #203
 I might have to do a few more Mail Art collages with cars as I cut out a bunch from a brochure I got at the car dealer.

Couldn't resist. All is fodder for the collage artist.

I'm really fond of this Egon Schiele little girl. I'd never seen it before. She was perfect for this Mail Art collage.
 This morning, I had an early visit from the neighbors, with the announcement that I'd won the best Pet Photo contest with my photo of Bizoo. The pair recited poems for me and sang. Then they played with Bizoo for awhile. I remembered that we hadn't used the paper 'staches for my honey's birthday so I gave them some. They were quite the charmers in them, don't you think.
 Here's my actual vehicle. I had to go to the DMV for a duplicate title for my old vehicle and this gave me the opportunity to snap my car not in my garage. It's so tiny, yet roomy inside. I'm happy I got it.

This is the composite that my son made for Zinn's 4th month birth recognition. It's based on a Beetles cover.
Nice for Zinn to have a father who is a designer/artist right?

Here's the Beetles album cover.

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