Saturday, July 20, 2013

Baby Z, baby B & Mail Art, of course.

 Doesn't Baby Z look like she's shouting out a Rock Song? Yay! She was on her Da's lap swinging on the porch swing and having a great time. She was all giggly. My honey was her destination on each forward swing. What fun.
 Baby Bizoo looks good on a striped mat, doesn't he?
He likes lying about on the porch even though it's 90 + degrees out there, IN the shade.
 These Washi tape and circle pieces of Mail Art were done on a day when I had to move quickly and get out and about.

Going to those two things as my default never fails me.

I felt like they also were very much about summer and activity. Slow when it was too hot to move fast, then fast when possible.

 I printed out some faux postage stamps and punch them out with my special hole punch.

The brown paper is what remained and I loved the way it looked.

These two are from Thursday. They remind me of two things - clowns and apartment buildings. Right?

 These two are special. I made them on Friday and they are numbered -
365.2 #350
 and 365.3 #200

These numbers are amazing as I've almost completed my 2nd year of daily Mail Art, and am more than half way through my 3rd year. Yikes!
 These are today's Mail Art.

They represent the big thing that happened today - I got a new car!

I'd been planning to get another car this summer because a) my car has 2 doors, b) my car's a/c has been broken for 2 hot summers c) it was time, the Beetle was 14 years old.

What do I need more doors? Because at some point, Baby Z will get to ride with me and I need easier entry to the back & the future car seat. Why do I need A/C?
Aaagh. It's so hot here in the summer. It's a health hazard!

I had to get a very small car with 4 doors, so I had a limited number to choose from. I got a car that wasn't at the top of my list, and a year that I hadn't thought possible. Do you recognize this car?
The color - violet-gray!

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VioletSky said...

Very nice auto (and I like that violet-grey colour!)