Friday, July 05, 2013

More catching up with Mail Art!.

365.2 #332

365.2 #333
 Here are the cards that I made starting with #332 on 1 July.

I was on the train returning from NYC. I used what I had in my traveling kit. I love the way the large circle fits along the edge. I like making that transparency illusion happen.
365.2 #334

365.2 #335

While on the train, I cut up a magazine that my honey had finished with. It was a British fashion publication and had pages of striped clothing on models.

I made this one on my birthday.

I cut out only the striped parts, obviously. Can you tell what part this was?

The parts are excellent isolated this way.

This sweet kitty is listening to dots!

365.2 #336
Back to stripey bit with circles.

365.3 #182

365.3 #183

365.3 #184

365.3 #185

365.3 #186
These are the companion pieces to the ones above. It would probably have been better for you to see them as pairs, what do you think? Or is this okay, too.

#182 is a total favorite of mine. The circle worked perfectly with the black shape, didn't it?

More stripey bits with circles.

And an alteration of a sculpture show card of my friend Keith Long. It's a mermaid sculpture, but doesn't the dog look very good sitting on it? I'm sending it to Keith & his honey.

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