Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday - quiet time to blog.

 The re-construction of my studio has moved along. I peeked in and this is what I saw through the plastic covering the door-way. So dreamy. Still so much to do. The workers will be back tomorrow.
 I saw this face at our nearby movie theatre last week. I posted it on Facebook with a request for captions and I got lots of good ones. How about you? Can you come up with a caption for this face? Or do you see something else here?

365.2 #356

365.3 #206
365.2 #357

365.3 #207
365.2 #358

365.3 #208

Didn't this one turn out so old-timey? I really like it. only 5 small dots and two scraps. I liked it so much that I made the 2nd one for the day in a similar way.

Here's the 2nd Mail Art of the day (Thursday.) 5 dots and 2 scraps. I like the way this one turned out, too. Oh happy me, having fun.

More scraps and dots for Friday.

Yesterday, I decided to use only 2 scraps - the same for each card.  I'd been saving the rock scrap for the right combination with something and the stripes worked well.

I punched a hole in each of the rock scraps so that the substrate shows through. I wanted to play with the spatial illusion created by the deep shadows. The circles appear to me, to be ON the surface on the rocks, not a hole. Do they appear that way for you?

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Amelia Clark said...

Wow it's really nice...Beautiful layout. Excellent work you did. I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post. Keep sharing more.