Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mail Art catch up!

365.2 #343

365.3 #193
 Had a red theme going on here. I used my newish big hole punch to make these circles and use them as a background. They make the scraps with the letter forms pop!
365.2 #344

This is card is for my friend BB as she sent me a photo with the "commit no nuisance" sign on it. I cut it out and added a girl from an old photo - no clue who this child is. Simple, a bit of a narrative going on, but okay.

365.3 #194

Here I go, back with the cut out fabric. I really like how these bits play out on a plain ground. They become so different. The feel is so airy and spatial.

We had a new fence built to separate us better from our neighbor to the east. We'll either paint it or stain it. I like it a lot.

Here's another view of my temporary studio, with the kitty curled up in the easy chair. This is working out. I could probably keep using this space except I don't have all my stuff.

Construction starts to repair the rooms next Wednesday. Yay.

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VioletSky said...

I'm enjoying your use of the found letters - being a fan of fonts and typefaces as I am!